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1.) n. A subculture, group, or clique of people and often the music used to identify them. Can be anything, really. Punk, hardcore, alternative, indie, etc. The term is often used to generalize the people, bands, and hangout locales of the group.

2.) adj. A way to mock or insult someone who tries too hard to dress in the style of whatever "scene" or subculture they identify with. Having the title "scenester" didn't used to be a desirable thing. Almost like being called a "poser," or being accused of being superficial. Other terms commonly used are "scenefag" or "sceneslut."

3.) adj. As time wore on, a predominant "scene" emerged of androgynous boys and girls with asymmetrical hair cuts, tight jeans, and loud, neon colored hoodies and DIY shirts. They adopted the title "scene" to describe themselves, similar to the way some gays and lesbians have adopted the words "fag" and "dyke" in an attempt to remove the negative connotation.
1.) "Hey man, let's start a band to prove we're down for the scene" or "This indie rock scene fuckin sucks, let's go downtown and kick it with the punks"

2.) "Look at that fuckin' scenester, he thinks he's so damn hip. What a tool."

3.) "OMG Kaylie, that polka dot ribbon and neon green shirt with the dinos is like, SO scene! XOXO"
by JFFB March 31, 2008

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