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RUFS is short for "R U Fuckin Serious?!" Used for those occasions when "are you serious" is just not enough to question the seriousness of a situation.
For use as an exlamatory phrase, 'I was about to go dick deep in this bitch in the bathroom at da club until she opened her legs and it smelled like week old fish in a dumpster in the 100 degree sun and i was all like RUFS?!"
by JFBravo April 06, 2011
When a woman is such a cunt, but you don't want to sound like an asshole for saying so. Can also be altered to explain level of cuntyness, by adding toppings...
You see Joyce brown nosing the manager during the meeting? What a fucking C burger.

Can you believe Joyce was promoted for brown nosing the Manager? Shes a fuckin C Burger with Cheese.
by JFBravo April 06, 2011

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