1 definition by JESSEAAHJOH

Literal Meaning: A JAP is an abreviation for Jewish American Princess, although you can be Canadian, and non-Jewish.

How they act: A JAP is known as somebody who craves attention They are very loud and laugh alot. They also wear purses that have a sqaure bottom and long strap that goes over your shoulder. They all go to the same camp, and all talk about how amazing camp was.

How they dress: Can usually be seen wearing colours like beige, brown, and grey. Their pony-tails are always messy. They wear clothes from Lu Lu Lemon, American Eagle, or Abercrombie and Fitch. They either wear a baggy shirt and tight pants (i.e. leggings), or tight shit and baggy pants (i.e. sweat pants)
That was so boring, the only things that those japs were talking about was how amazing camp was.
by JESSEAAHJOH April 07, 2007

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