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one who believes in all the ideas of libertarianism and follows anarchism but does not believe in abortion or go out and protest wars like a flaming faggot.
to be a conservative anarchist you must....
1) say fuck authority and the RIAA
2) frequently use kazaa lite
3) wherever you go , bring spraypaint and tag the conservative anarchist logo (an elephant with a swastika and an anarchy circle with an "A" in it on top of it)
4) white power (some respect to vietnamese and philipino)
5) doesnt believe in abortion
Person A : I love being a radical anarchist. Let's go protest a war!
Person B : Shut the fuck up and keep sucking Bradley.
Person A : Okay. Maybe we should just give up being radical faggots and just become CONSERVATIVE ANARCHISTS.
by JEREMYLITTLEFIELD January 31, 2004

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