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Similar to cold shoulder, except a cold finger is done by ignoring someone's text or facebook message--usually when said person's comment is pointless or uncalled for.
FB status: "Man, I just got called into work for another 16 hour weekend shift."

Tool: "Lol, I never work weekends lol"

*cold finger/friend removal is appropriate here
#cold shoulder #finger #ignore #tool #facebook #pointless #comment
by JDrummer86 April 07, 2011
Noun; Broke-ass-ti-na'shun: short for broke ass nation. Brokeasstination shares similarities with the word procrastination in definition and pronunciation; however, it defines the condition whereby a government procrastinates on enacting sound fiscal policy and becomes broke as a result.
The United States Congress is procrastinating on the implementation of a budget because its essentially broke. I guess if they had not over regulated the free market and subsidized health care, education and agriculture we wouldn't be experiencing the effects of brokeasstination.
#broke #congress #budget #money #procrastination #market #subsidy #obama #economy #us
by JDrummer86 April 07, 2011
Noun; short for Burst of Inspired Energy. A burinspy is a sudden, usually unexpected, feeling one gets to accomplish something or anything at that moment.

It is crucial to take advantage of a burinspy immediately in order to accomplish tasks that are normally neglected such as menial chores, exercise, or finishing a homework assignment.

Artificial burinspies can be induced by the consumption of things such as Red Bull, Coffee or crack.
The other day I got a burinspy and finally finished my 30 page paper on how to watch paint dry.
#burst #inspired #energy #procrastination #accomplish
by JDrummer86 April 07, 2011
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