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a variation of electronic music that uses a 4/4 beat. It was developed by dance club DJs in Chicago in the 1980s. Its name probably comes from the fact that it was mostly played at wearhouses.
House music contains many different influences and styles that range from electronic to disco. There is funky house (close to funk music), electro house (close to techno), disco house (close to disco 70s style), and groovy house (flowy and groovy). There is also progressive house and hard house plus many more depending on the djs style.
The distinguishing factor between house and techno (which is what many people confuse it for) is that in house one can feel the kick/clap beat to it and the 70s disco that is in it. There are many different songs that are very borderline house/techno but before you sound like an idiot saying something is house hear for the funky/disco sense to it.
Although the popularity of house music has declined, there are many different djs and fans that are keeping the genre alive. Many shirts exist with things saying "i love house music" or "house music souldier".

If You really care and wanna take the minute to hear the difference listen to :

Daft Punk - Around The World (HOUSE)

Dj Isaac - Go Insane (TECHNO)

regardless its music and if you like you do and if you don't....
Antoine Clamaran, David Guetta, Some of Pakito, Some of Benny Benassi, Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar just to name a few of my favorites of house music
by JDZ HYPE December 13, 2007
-a racist term for rap music;
-usually said by openly racist latinos (esp. colombians/ecuadorians)
-okay i think we've heard enough of this african music
-put some reggaeton on parce! fuck this
by JDZ HYPE February 11, 2008

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