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A pretty good high school if you ask me. The students look like they stepped right out of a modeling shoot or a fashion magazine sporting in-season clothing and Ray Bans are a must. The cheerleaders are not the mean girls and the football players are pretty cool but not jocks and jerks. Food is eh like any other school, too. The surfing team is phenomenal and the water polo team is pretty cool. NOTE: DO NOT MISTAKE THIS SCHOOL FOR CALABASAS HIGH SCHOOL. THIS IS A GOOD SCHOOL, NOT A TRASHY ONE. So the graduates at this school have a good chance at getting almost anywhere they want in their lives. So there are 2 groups at this school, each consisting of 5 girls (Sweethearts and The Pretty Committee) yes they took their name from the Clique. The Pretty Committee are bitches and the Sweethearts are well, sweethearts! Both groups have high power and popularity in the school but Sweethearts always win :) So dress classy, don't be mean, join a sport, and you are welcome to Malibu High School, home of the Sharks!
Dude: So what high school do you go to?
Girl: Malibu High School. You?
Dude: Woah no wonder you look like a freaking model!
Girl: Haha thank you! Come to our school BUT lose the style and get a new one, you'll be grateful.
by JDXtra August 17, 2011

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