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3 definitions by JDMatt

An interjection indicating affirmation in the extreme. Even more extreme than "sure," much more than "yup," and a world away from "uh huh." Used primarily to bullshit people into thinking you agree with something they said and that, of all people, you know what they're talking about. The former may or may not be true, but the latter seldom is.
Glenn Beck: We've already proven that Barack Obama's birth certificate was printed in 2005 at a Kinko's in Alexandria Virginia, which proves he's a Kenyan Muslim socialist. You know what I mean?

Teabagger: Absolutely! See you at the march!
by jdmatt July 14, 2010
A winter holiday falling somewhere between Christmas and New Years Day, during which procrastinators give gifts that were purchased late, often purchased at a significant discount.
Joe: Merry Christmas, Bill!
Bill: It's the 29th, Joe.
Joe: So? Merry Procrastmas!
Bill: you forgot to remove the tag that says 50% off...
by JDMatt December 22, 2009
Pizza, beer, and a blowjob. Represents a perfect end to the work week.
Scott: Dude, it's 5:00. You going home?
Jeff: Yep! It's Friday, PB&BJ night!
Scott: Damn, all I have to look forward to tonight is bologna and porn. Oh well, have a good weekend! (asshole...)
by JDMatt February 28, 2011