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An infamous quote made famous by the one, Jon Hendriks. Often spotted playing Runescape with his little brother Nicky, Jon uses this term excessively. You ought to watch out for his father, Bob, who is known for his vicious headbutt.
Jon H: Wow, gamer.
Jon G: Stop saying that you cockcheese.
Zach R: Qwned.
Ryan R:urrite
by JDGersdorf May 16, 2006
A score made famous by Jon Hendriks, in a Counter-Strike: Source scrimmage. He did not get any kills, but managed to kill a teammate in the process. After further embarassment, Jon is still ridiculed by this lousy score to this day.
*Terrorists Win*

DP:gg guys
other team:gg

*In Ventrilo*

Jon H: Wow, gamer.
Jon G: Jon, you fucking suck, -1 and 7, you scrub.
Ryan R: urrite mang
by JDGersdorf May 16, 2006
The process of sticking your penis into your dog's anus, until you feel a tiny bulge in the pouch of the dog. You then proceed to slap it like it is a potato.
Jon H: Yeah man, I was slappin' the potato with my dog last night!

Ryan: No way dude!
by JDGersdorf May 02, 2006
A shot in Counter-Strike: Source, where an enemy is up on the balcony, and you shoot him from the side, without his knowledge. This is a move that has been made famous by IAN3111, and many others, such as DP herki hawkeye.
IAN3111: You got balconied son.
herki hawkeye: No, I didn't!
Jon: Scrub.
by JDGersdorf May 16, 2006

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