6 definitions by JD Lucas

During Missionary style sex you grab the sides of your womans face and pull the skin towards the top of her head until her navel becomes her mouth.
I was into it, I gave her a "Joan Rivers." I mean...can we talk?
by JD Lucas June 18, 2003
Shoving a tic-tac into the males "pee-hole" to lauch into your lovers mouth upon climax.
by JD Lucas June 18, 2003
Another term for a preoprism. "An erection that doesn't go away leaving you stiff and wooden all the time.

I had a dream about Pam Anderson last night and woke up with a huge AL GORE!
by JD Lucas June 18, 2003
For females, your privates in front.
She's got front buns!
by JD Lucas June 18, 2003
Having Mutual oral sex with a midget or someone half you size.
Yeah, this chick was so short that when we sixty-nined it turned into a 34 1/2!
by JD Lucas June 18, 2003
A blowjob from a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader SO GOOD, you head explodes leaving brain matter all over Dealey Plaza
my head went back...and to the left. Back...and to the left.
by JD Lucas June 18, 2003

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