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Getting head while the GIRL is driving the car. Though tricky, it can be accomplished by having her work the gas and brake while you control the steering wheel and she's humming on it. The unsafe feeling plus the sensation of a blowjob combine to take ecstacy to new heights.
"Man, I whipped my dick out while in the passenger seat and she started sucking it while she drove!!" - Me

"Wow that's unsafe." - Friend

"Nothing's better than the chance of death while you get drovehead." - Me
by JCrummer May 09, 2009
When you're such a pathological liar that every time you say something of importance everyone asks you.."do you swear on the holy bible?" In order to confirm the truth... saying the shortened "bible" just minimizes the length of the asking while not compromising its purpose.
"Man, I fucked that 300 pound chick last night." - Me
"Bible?" - My friends
"Bible!" - Me
"Holy fuck, I thought you were lying about that, you're sick dude" - My friends
by JCrummer May 05, 2009

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