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County in Southwestern Pennsylvania full of rednecks, biker bitches, fat asses and criminals.
Fayette County is the asshole of Pennsylvania.
by JBauer May 04, 2005
County seat of Fayette County, PA that's full of redneck losers who should move to Arkansas- hey, dumbasses, the name of the town is UNIONtown, not Confederate town.
Uniontown is so insignificant that people in Pittsburgh don't know where it is.
by JBauer May 04, 2005
Restaurant that serves mediocre food, has greeters that SIT PEOPLE AT DIRTY TABLES (a health code violation), and stays open 24 hours so the drunks can come in and raise hell.
Eat n' Park's a good hangout for trailer trash.
by JBauer May 04, 2005
Retarded racist rednecks from Fayette County, PA who say the dumbest stuff imaginable.
Fayette County Dumbass: "There's only 18 white guys on the Steelers, the rest are jiggy-boos."
by JBauer May 12, 2006
Absolute joke of a "supermarket" where off-brands are sold in cardboard boxes instead of shelves! Jive ass store that keeps popping up everywhere. Makes Save-A-Lot look like Bloomingdale's.
Toothless Fayette County, PA resident: "Pack up da kids- we're goin' to Aldi's to buy Chicken and Dumplin's in a can for dinna wit my Access card!"
by JBauer February 17, 2006

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