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An amazing experience for all males. When a women takes her lips and wraps them around you huge dong, and then starts to blow your brains out. It's best when she swallows. At some point during your wonderful trip the pleasure things may get unbearable but you should learn to take it. Let the women blow you hard and long. All teen guys who have girlfriends should no the best way to get a blowjob is to look at your chick in the eyes and say.................... PLEASE PLEASE I'm BEGGING YOU! PLEASE!
This used to never happen to old males now a days most kids get them on the school bus.....lol.....
by JBHS guy December 27, 2004
A school that is better then Burbank high ( also located in Burbank, Cali) but not better then any other school in the whole wide world.....
This one time I was in Iraq and I saw a school much like Burroughs.
by JBHS guy December 27, 2004

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