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She can be very stubborn. She tells you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear. She can be very violent. She will protect her friends no matter what the cost. She is very pretty. She's one of the greatest friends you will have. She will stick with you through thick and thin. She can be very secretive. It will take a lot to make her talk about whats wrong. She can be easily pissed off. She is very hard to read. But she can read people like an open book. She loves to read.
Stephanie, I need your help.
by JB2488 March 02, 2013
She is the best friend you search for your entire life. When you find her, you never let her go. She keeps you entertained when you board. She will never let you fall. She helps you out when times are rough. She will be with you till the end.
Malini, your the best
by JB2488 November 24, 2012
Carlos is the kind of guy that keeps you laughing all day long. He is the creative type. Carlos will help you out in any tough situation you manage to get yourself into. He is a very caring person that will do anything for you. He's the kind of person you can always count on.
Carlos, your the best!
by JB2488 November 25, 2012
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