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sucky, weak, something that isn't strong
That chick's boyfriend is weaksauce.
by jb November 06, 2001
The outer layers of a slutbitchwhore's dirty stinkbox
Hey slut, giz a munch on your vertical bacon sandwich
by JB October 17, 2003
1. N. - A band too gay for elton john to endorse.

2. N. -
any band constisting of:
1. a homosexual bible thumper
2. a Angry Gay dude with the abilty to drop his balls as he sings
3. a phedophic junkie Bass player with a abnormally small penis
4. a Drummer with a unstatible urge for dip and a face bright enough to flash down a airliner
"Oh shit, they're so horrible..."
"yeah, a real STRATIS"
by jb February 16, 2005
Word that describes a 50cc minibike for adult or kids also called a Fast50 or Fast50s bike
hey I was going to get a honda fifty to play ride aorund my house, but I went to the local dealership and got a Fast50s bike because it's adult tested and kid approved!!
by jb April 14, 2005
A crappy high school mascot
Damn, the Lakeridge Pacers have a dumb team name!
by JB March 30, 2005
Capital of France and one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Doesn't have Rome's history, but is much more beautiful than Rome and is much less expensive than London.
Paris is one of my favorite cities.
by JB June 23, 2004
A homosexual fellow who is correct when it comes to politics of America, so far.
JB is such a queer, but his definition of America is great.
by JB July 09, 2003

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