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Someone who events reality as they go along and when cought,they event more reality to cover themselves up.Sometimes they know they are doing this and you normally try to ignore it knowing they are inventing reality as they go along thru life.
a firend of mine was doing a Trenar about an ex girlfriend of his when he got back to the beach and he changed his story 5 times within a 45 minute period of time.
by JAW33 August 20, 2008
Someone in power of authority such as a states attorney,police officer,judge,etc. who willfully and knowingly protects a criminal by doing unethical misconduct,corruption,bribery,theft of documents or evidence,etc.
The states attorney did a Yoder on me becuase he wanted to protect the criminal who robbed me from legal action
by JAW33 August 20, 2008
Someone whom has the classic form of Schizophrinia and legally files a false police report,false complaint,etc. on someone out of a schizophrenic episode.
Man,I went shopping at this store and the clerk did a Bandy on me claiming I was the governement after her becuase I was shopping at that store.
by JAW33 August 20, 2008

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