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Stonehill College is small liberal arts college located in the perpetually dull town of Easton, Massachusetts. In order to increase its diversity, Stonehill has started handing out FREE TUITON flyers to the black kids of Brockton. So far, limited success. The school is notorious for being super academic-based Sunday through Thursday and absurdly party-based Friday and Saturday. Rumor has it that Stonehill kids don't really drink. This is a lie. The truth is, Stonehill kids don't really KNOW HOW TO drink. This is why, on any given Friday or Saturday night, you will find an ambulance in front of the freshmen dorms taking them in groves to the local hospital. Other than that, Stonehill is a lovely school full of trees and brick buildings. Yeah.
Doctor, we have multiple transports coming in from Stonehill College.
by JACKEMSE September 23, 2010

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