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4 definitions by J3rr0d

Small landlocked country in Southeast Asia.
A poor country that was ruled by a corrupt communist government.
Many people came from Laos to America for refuge...hooray.
Commonly confused for Chinese or Japanese people.
"So are you Chinese or Japanese?"
"I'm from Laos, stupid, a small landlocked country in Southeast Asia."
"So...are you Chinese or Japanese?"
by J3rr0d August 11, 2005
378 107
French for 'by jove'. Great for when someone tells you something interesting.
Woman: Je suis fou de toi.
Man: Parbleu!
by J3rr0d August 11, 2005
21 12
A condition in which there isn't alot of space to move around. The word is used when one's balls hurt from being squished in the backseat of a car,when a large man can't fit somewhere, etc.
"Dang, there's alot of not-space in this car."
"Whoa, you have a Honda Civic...dude, I'm like 300 pounds...that's some not-space waiting to happen."
by J3rr0d August 11, 2005
4 2
A redneck word created by Jeff Foxworthy. Refers to "in your window".
"Hey man I just saw a bird fly inuendo."
by J3rr0d August 11, 2005
113 297