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A historic square mile small town in Pennsylvania mainly governed/financed by wealthy business merchants, which lies directly in the center of the impoverished hispanic migrant labor area Kennett Township. It's the official mushroom capitol of the world, yet ironically there is no longer a mushroom farm left in town. (Kennett) High school is comprised of half hispanics who work eight hours after school and half emo kids who hate everything, especially (unionville high school). The town is self governed by an idiotic borough council, and an overly friendly mayor. While a typical building in Kennett Square sells for 1.5mil, a typical building in Kennett Township is burned down for insurance money. There is nothing to do after 10pm except get pulled over and harassed by police.

Things to do: The parties are alright, but be ready to run. The only cool places are Chansonette, Half Moon bar, and Tera the recording studio. You can buy a book at one of six book stores, drink coffee at one of four coffee shops, or eat at one of fifty half ass restaurants. You will end up spending your time getting arrested, telling tourists where longwood gardens is, or staring at the Currie's girls. There is a good chance you will get side swiped by an illegal immigrant with no insurance on your way out.

Things not to do: Ever come here.
"I got off on the wrong exit, how do I get out of here"
by J27 January 20, 2005

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