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Named after the brand of Herbal Incense "Kush".

A Kush Dream is a dream that you have when you go to bed immediately after smoking Kush. It feels incredibly real and the concept that you may be dreaming doesn't exist; it is dark and intense but always within the realm of reality increasing your belief.

Kush dreams may also make you talk in your sleep.

Hallucination 3 to 5 seconds after waking up from a Kush dream is normal.
My Kush dream last night was really intense, my parents killed themselves so their life insurance could pay off their debt and allow me to go to college
by J0NJ0NMACKY July 06, 2011
Taking after the Herbal Incense brand name "Kush".

When you've smoked too much Kush and begin to analyze thoughts on a perspective otherwise unattainable through any other narcotic.

Not to be confused with 'Tripping', Being "Kushed Out" creates a drug induced psychosis, in which your principles of reason begin to fall apart.

Being Kushed Out is completely psychological and can result in Panic Attacks. Although, the upside to this 'high' is that your thinking is such on an intricate level of reason that you see a remarkable beauty in the simplicity of what is real and your daily perception of it.

Often able to analyze your life according to how a stranger would perceive you and your habits.
EX: 1

*Richard continues to analyze how our societies cultures and way of living would be completely different if Earths axis was tilted a fraction on a degree*

Richard: "..spawning a whole new ecosystem creating a new race over an evolutionary period of time in which we..."

Mark: "Richard! Are you kushed out?"

EX 2:

*You are sitting in your chair after smoking too much Kush, acknowledging your size and significance in the scope of the entire universe*
by J0NJ0NMACKY July 06, 2011

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