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Thesaurus Walrus is a name given to a person who knows many synonyms. It is based on a walrus living in Crouch End, England who is often employed by locals for his knowledge of the English language and urban colloquialisms.

Having studied at Oxford his vocabulary far surpasses that of other aquatic mammals. His voice, while high pitched, is sonorous and earned him leading roles in several operas including “La Boheme” and “Nannuk of the Northern Lights”. He also starred in his own variety show “Pinniped Pinhead”. In the early part of 2009, he was arrested for an incident at the Greenwich Observatory when he apparently went into an unstoppable diatribe describing the planets with an endless string of adjectives. He was subsequently acquitted when it was determined that he had eaten a Thai fish dish from the restaurant and had a bad reaction to the peanut sauce. His career rebounded following the trial and after the verdict was announced, he described himself as happy, joyous, giddy, content, pleased, glad, cheerful, blissful, thrilled, smiling, positive, jovial, festive, merry, jolly, delighted, thankful, satisfied, comfortable, at ease, charmed, enchanted, delighted, elated, overjoyed and over the moon.
He was able to tell me eighteen ways to describe fresh fish. What a Thesaurus walrus!
by J.Snead February 11, 2010

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