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1. 2 (also fist-fuck) trans. vulgar slang penetrate (a person's anus or vagina) with one's fist.

2. When a girl gets a fist shoved up her vagina. Hardcore 'fisters' will sometimes shove a fist up their ass.
When you go on pornhub and see the 'fisting' category

Person 1: Dude watch this girl get fisted!

Person 2: Holy shit that's impossible to do, i think im gonna faint...

Person 1: Look now!!! It's all the way in her ASS!!!!

Person 2: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk...... *Faints*

Person 1: What... did you not like it? oh.........
by J.R.LG February 26, 2012
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