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3 definitions by J.R from Orlando

A Sniglet - The action in which a red light waits until you come to a crawling stop and then immediately turns green.
My ex-wife has to be in charge of the stoplights; I must have got 20 LightShafts on the drive here.
by J.R from Orlando December 01, 2010
The word to describe a male who pursues female companionship without regard to their particular lower status in the gene pool.
Hey, checkout the manchick Marcel is hitting on....Man what a GutterDick.
by J.R from Orlando December 19, 2010
The reason an alcoholic gives for having to quit drinking.
Should I sleep on the sofa or drive 10 minutes home? ehhh FuckIt....where's my keys?

5 hours earlier;

Should I go home or to the bar? ehhh FuckIt....I'll just stop for one.

Too many FuckIts gets expensive in many ways.
by J.R from Orlando December 04, 2010