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Have you ever run a 10 K in 90 deg. weather and for got to put right guard on?? Sniff your pit and multiply that by 200. That's what Kris Millspaughs crotch rot smells like. It's a cross between a rotten armpit and a dead skunk.

A local fungus infection in the groing area. Most often caused by poor hygene.

Strong odor of caproic acid and/or urine.
For women add vaginal odor/fecal odor & odor of oxidized sperm in the sexually active.
Wash thoroughly, apply antifungal cream or powder ( powder preferred ) daily until gone. ( usually 2-3 days)

Dank smellin, paint peelin, dirty poon reakin, crotch scratchin extravaganza of uncomfortable lack of hygiene pootty nasty crotchyness

I wanted to do this girl one time, she opened her legs and I passed out from the smell of her crotch rot.

a pungent, stank smell that permiates from the crotch usually after a hard workout, or lack of a shower for several days, occurs in both males and females.

Damn, after running that mile yesterday I was experiencing SERIOUS crotch rot!!
I was high one night and Kris was getting tag teamed. When it came my turn up at bat, all I could smell was her CROTCH ROT.. So I put a clothes pin on my nose, rolled her over and fucked her up the ass(it was cleaner then her pussy - I can tell you that)!!
by J.R Cahoon May 06, 2004

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