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Roombuddy is an alcoholic mixture of Rum(Room) and budweiser(buddy) 50-50.

A roombuddy can be made from any kind of rum and(or) beer.
This drink takes you beyond hardcore, you've got to a gnarly bastard to get it down.
Why the hell did you mix the rum with a beer and not a coke, no we've only got this shitty roombuddy!

Dude this roombuddy tastes like a stale beer which you've put some cigarettes in and left it in a cupboard for a week!
by J.Lindhe aka. wANi January 07, 2007
invert - inverting - inverted - inverta

The act of performing something inside out or just mainly in some way that makes it alot harder and more complicated to perform.

(not to be consfused with reversing)
Dude, did you see me invert that beer!? Yeah, totally awesome and you only spilt half of it!
by J.Lindhe aka. wANi February 03, 2011
To "hunter x hunt" or to be a "hunter x hunter"
This is a definition for a person(s) who are getting laid with friends/co-workers ex girl/boyfriend(s).
Dude you're such a hunter x hunter, I saw you leave with my ex last night.


I'm such a douche, I've been hunter x hunting these last couple o' months.
by J.Lindhe aka. wANi December 09, 2006

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