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Probably the worst and gayest team to ever play a game in the NHL.
Ottawa Senators Season Tickets $14000
Parking for the entire season $550
Food, Drink and Booze for the entire season $646
Watching the Senators Choke in 4 straight to The Toronto Maple Leafs Priceless
There are some people who enjoy watching their team get swept for everyone else, there's the Leafs
Jim: Did you see the Sens beat the Leafs last night?
Bob: Did you see the Leafs beat the Sens in 4 Straight playoff series?
Jim: Yeah
Bob: So shut the hell up you Ottawa Senators Loving piece of crap, just go in the Scotiabank place and Die and leave your blood all over the ice because the Sens are gonna be slaughtered by the Leafs like i'm gonna slaughter you in the arena!!!
Jim: no
Bob: *pulls out gun and shoots Jim* ok
by J.Dot November 18, 2006

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