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A word used to let a friend know when you're lying to an outsider. Kind of an elbow without elbowing.
"Dude, I did NOT steal your lighter."
by J. SPIZE May 18, 2004
Any man, woman, child, car, animal, machine.. any thing.. that ends up ripping you off, or plans to.
Bro1: "aren't you gonna get a soda?"
Bro2: "fuck no, that store's a fuckin MIZE for a dollar a can!"
or:Bro1: "hey Dave, can I get some gas money?"
Bro2:"no, bro, I just bought you a quart of High Life"
Bro1:"thanks a lot, you fuckin MIZE!"
by J. SPIZE May 18, 2004
word used to show that you don't care about what was just said.
Jerry: "Dude, I don't drink or smoke anymore, or eat burgers!"
Jason: "Ap!"
by J. Spize January 03, 2005
closer-a girl that appears to be hot, until you get closer
bro1:"dude check out that broad in pink, man she's hot!
bro2:"naw,I saw her earlier, she's a closer"
by J. SPIZE May 18, 2004

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