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A zoological marvel as made famous by Patton Oswalt in his 2009 comedy album "My Weakness is Strong." Fucksquatch is known to participate in orgies advertised on Craigslist, that is until someone crashes the "party." From then, Fucksquatch will quickly throw on whatever articles of clothing are near him, regardless of ownership (or gender), and then exit the locale of the event, disregarding any thought of his surroundings and even going as far as to slip away into a heavily wooded area, never to be seen again...that is until next Saturday, which everyone knows is fuck night.
My wife and I were touring an open house when we walked in on an orgy. All of a sudden a strange, blurry creature wearing women's clothing took off out of the house into a heavily wooded area. I think it was Fucksquatch, but I can't be certain.
by J. Pink January 27, 2010
A person who is so blindly devoted to something or some person/group, especially regarding sports, that they continue to stand their ground no matter the opposition.
Despite the realization of steroids, poor managing and underperformance by overpaid players, Jimmy from Brooklyn insisted the Yankees were the best organization in baseball. He's such a Yankees honk.
by J. Pink October 27, 2009

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