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a person that is a virgin but leads others to believing they are living the life of a trysexual
Bill and Brian were best friends since the 2nd grade.For the last 7 years of thier 13 year friendship Brian often would tell Bill of trysexual encounters he was having on the day before.Bill fell into a depression fearing that all the sexual encounters his best friend was always being involved in would eventually make Brian become bored with him especially although he on occassion would masturbate thinking about the trysexual way of life, He was not near the exciting type of person it takes to be trysexual. Bill idolized Brian because he was able to be so sexually liberal. Bill decided that the only way he would be able to not lose his best friend Brian as a best friend, he would need to be sexually liberal and surprise Brian with not only an all male orgy but, by he himself being the organiser and host of the party.Bill told Brian "hey Brian lets go to the park and smoke a fag" to get him out of the apartment so that the men could sneak in for the surprise.Bill and Brian came back from the park where they smoked a fag, and upon opening the door there was a big yell "surprise".Brian looked at Bill and said "surprise" I am a trysezual not a trysexual. Bill stood there with a stupid look on his face. Brian says "I'm a virgin dipshit".
by J. Gibson April 01, 2008
The body movements a person playing a video game or that of a guy while trying to applease,please and agree with his out of control significant other
A guy appearing to be reaching out to his out of control significant other for the purpose of soothing or showing he agrees with what she might be going off about when he is actually attempting to stop the inevitable and to prove to himself that it is all worth being with a woman even though she is cuntrol
by J. Gibson March 12, 2008
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