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Name of a gang or group of different hardcore people, you do not want to mess with wahtootzie members. When wahtootzie you are very respected among your peers. Synonym to wahtootzie is beast or crazy. Antonym is Nizami or gay.

Can also be used as a verb, to wahtootzie is to bug out or go crazy.
Guy 1: Yo whas W^oppin

Guy 2: Nothin just chillin.

Guy 1: You know I'm wahtootzie right?

Guy 2: OH my bad man i didn't know anything I can do for you?

Guy 1: yo whats goin on man?

Guy 2: nothing i hate the movie dark knight

Guy 1: YO! You are wahtootzieing right now, thats an amazing movie.
by J-WAL April 06, 2009
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