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when the westside is represented. that's south central l.a. it's most westcoast rappers hometown and the ghetto.
check yo pockets before you roll deep.
boyz n da hood
'i'm from the streets of compton'
'ain't no party like a west coast party'
by j-tron June 23, 2005
An error that occurs while you're working in the popular 3D application: XSI. XSI is inherently inferior to Maya, it is common that many 'pongi' may appear.
"Por favor, NO PONGAS productos femeninos en la tasa del bano. Ponlos en la basura cubierta. Muchas Gracias."


Shit. The frickin' rig's mBody_GEO is missing. Send a PONGAS to rigging.
by J-Tron June 09, 2005
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