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Chingado is a spanish term for "fucker", from the base verb, chingar.
"Hey chingado, watch it!"
"Uh, yea you too, chingado."
by J-Stizzy December 13, 2005
a combination of the insult "piece of shit" and the insult "little bastard". Can be used in most situations.
Jay: Stop trying to steal my woman you little piece of bastard!

Joe: Whoa man, lay off with the little piece of bastard.
by J-Stizzy December 31, 2005
to question the reality of a subject or to state the truth
Example 1-
"Man, is it fo sho doh that hes sleeping with her momma?"
"yea, major fo sho doh playa."

Example 2-
"That history test was hard."
"Fo sho doh."
by J-Stizzy December 12, 2005

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