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Amount of time it takes to get from one ho's house to the next.
Yo, it was some serious down time from Jenna's crib to Shaniqua's. But it was for real gettin' to Tonisha's cuz I got pigged-out like a villian.
by J-man November 24, 2003
1.When someone someone is so incredibly skanky they are referred to as ~
2.When someone may have a random outburst it may be ~
3.A tea kettle
"It's GOJIRA!"
"I believe you are mistaken, 't is a skankasarous-rex."
"Damn that bitch be a skankasaurous-rex she so slutty!"
by J-man January 11, 2004
Nickname for my girlfriend, derived from "Bubbles" the Chimp and "Boobs" (Modern English slang for "breasts"); those which belong to her are outstanding.
Boobles, did you stop at the grocery on the way back from the gym, you hot Mama?
by J-Man December 01, 2003
when there are six chicks and six dudes available at a party and only one of the chicks is fizzine as hell, and you take a shot
Dude, you got as good a chance as any to hit that, best roll your dice; look out for the cock-blockers.
by J-man November 24, 2003
Being pulled over by the police.
Yo, I was pigged-out off Beach Blvd. They was trappin' bitches all damn night.
by J-man November 24, 2003
To obtain the intimacy of a member of the opposite sex after minimal effort. past tense - got it
Hey Jimmie....did you get it last night.

Yeah man, I got it!
by J-man August 05, 2003
a cunt
man lisa had some good tooky
by j-man July 28, 2003
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