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Penis fart. Also commonly referred to as a man-queef.
"Did you just fart?" "No, actually that was a quatchle."
by J-Fizzle 88 March 31, 2007
When in anal sex the receiver defecates on the partner's penis.
1. Last night that hooker tried to pull a chili dog on me!

2. If I had known she liked Chili Doggin' It, I would have left.
by J-Fizzle 88 March 31, 2007
A word for anal perspiration (ass sweat).
That fat kid's pants get all zangy whenever we run the mile.
by J-Fizzle 88 March 31, 2007
During anal sex, the receiver squeezes his anus real tight so it locks the other person's penis in place, much like a cock ring. The receiver then bends down facing through his own legs, and grabs the ball sack of the other person, and then squeezes it until the sperm comes out.
I was buttf***king my partner last night, and he/she pulled a bear trap on me when I wasn't paying attention!
by J-Fizzle 88 March 31, 2007

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