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when a man gets bored one day that he decided to sharpen his penis for erotic pleasures, but the man does not realize that this could end in infection and sometimes fatality. Of course the man doing this must have a really small penis... and brain.
After watching the footall game, Jim became very bored with his life so he decided to "sharpen" his "pencil" Thus ending in a sharpened pencil.
by J-Dizzle Pimp yo October 14, 2007
A pimple that forms where the hole of the dick is causing a block in the passage way of pee and sperm.
Duuuuude! I totally got a xanker last night, and now when i jack-off my penis swells up. SWEEEET!
by J-Dizzle Pimp yo April 08, 2007
When a man's penis becomes so big from male enhancements, his penis literally blows up.
Man, I was taking male-enhancements for about a month,and they pulled a Zanchap on me.
by J-Dizzle Pimp yo April 16, 2007
A word commonly used to describe the flaps of a vagina. If a vagina iz extremely flappy to the point where if covers your balls like a blanket when the man gets so tired from sex, that he falls asleep with his penis in her vagina, Then it is very pleeb.
Dude, Tracy's vag was so pleeb.
by J-Dizzle Pimp yo August 17, 2007

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