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The extreamly over priced clothing store for gay men who think they are straight, and for girls who when shop at places like target are a small, start shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch earlier suffered from a stage of bulimia before fitting into their medium-large. The way to tell if a shirt is from Ambercrombie is that it will have the store name sprawled across the front of the tee shirt, and how to tell with jeans is that the people wearing them are affraid to bend over in fear of the butt ripping open.
Maddie: Hey did you see Karina in that Ambercrombie shirt?

Jessica: Yeah! And i saw here throwing up in the girls bathroom like last week!

Maddie: Omg? Was the flu going around?

Jessica: Lets just say her finger was exploring...

Maddie: Ohhh, i gotcha!

Jessica: Yeah and i think she got a pair of jeans too cause when she went to reach for her pencil she dropped in the hall on the way to 3rd period her pants split right open!

Maddie: Thats why she was wearing gym shorts!

Jessica: I hate Fagracrombie and Bitch!
by J-All October 21, 2009
Shnoodlehooper Sh-noo-dle-hoop-er. Made up creature that is no larger than a lofe of bread, and no smaller then a penny. This creature is what ever you might want it to be, but it is good never bad. This creature was first an assignment in a clay sculpting class of Elementary school students in March of 2009. When a Shnoodlehooper walks it is called a shnoodle. The sound they make sounds like they're saying "shnoodley shnoodley shoodley!" Make up your own Shnoodlehooper on a blank piece of paper and let you imagination shnoodle!
Jessica: Hey Megan, come here look at the creature i made look how cute it is!
Megan: Awwwww! You know, i think it looks like a Shnoodlehooper!?!
Jessica: I think you're right!
by J-All June 16, 2009

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