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Sticking your hard penis inside of a live fish and letting it flop around until ejaculation.Caution-not a good idea to use sharks.
The stripper didn't get me off so I walked to the harbor and jacked some cute ass fish from that fish tank.I then preceded to Nemo the shit out of myself.I Nemoed all night.
by J to the V to the L April 04, 2012
"Captain Salty Tea-biscuits" is what you call a Shrimp Boat Captain that is a total perv and is so high on cocaine he doesn't realized he just had his way with and Gandolphed his own father.Yeah,in the butt.
Wow! I can't believe Ron went all "Captain Salty Tea-biscuits" on his dad.Did he really Gandolph him too?
by J to the V to the L April 04, 2012

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