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A way to say nigger without the usage seeming racially inclined.
Haha man, you're such a knigger.
by J to the Izzon August 12, 2006
The ebonics slang term for beautiful
Awww my new Porsche 911 is b'fle.
by J to the Izzon September 03, 2006
A ridiculous hypocritical organisation that protects the rights of liberals living with their boyfriends. They claim that gay sex and marriage is fine, as well as the legalized killing of infants. But that saying 'Under-God' in the pledge of allegiance is offensive.
Dude man like, I'm a liberal and like, Saying 'Under God' is offensive

Guess what bitch, not saying under god is offensive!
by J to the Izzon October 06, 2006
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