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a book consisting of 21 pages, 1 page for each shot. These pages include who (meaning who bought it), where (the location the shot was taken, when (the time the shot was taken, what (what kind of shot), and signature (where the birthday girl signs, or trys to at least sign here name.) These pages are made by her girlfriends/sorority sisters and consist of pictures, quotes, and stickers on cute crafty paper.
Did you make your page for Katies Shot book?
How cute is my shot book?
I cant wait to do my shot book tonight?
When are you doing your shot book?
I love my shot book!
by J Witt January 17, 2008
This is the best friend of the 21st birthday girl. She is in charge of organizing the the shot book and getting it ready in time for the bday celebration. She is essentially the sober bitch on the night of the party as she keeps track of who is buying the shots, making sure a picture is taken of each shot, that her drunken friend signs each pape, drinks water alternately, and makes it to 21 no matter what frat guys are trying to get down her pants.
What a horrible shot book keeper she didn't even have a spare marker on her, Guys get me your pages i don't want to be the shot book keeper who's gluing pages at dinner, Her shot book keeper was such a bitch last night, Thanks for being my shot book keeper!, The shot book keeper won't let buy her a shot yet!
by J Witt January 17, 2008

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