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The FairTax was created by first asking the American people what they wanted out of a tax system, and then having a team of respected economists design a tax system that met those demands. The FairTax replaces the income tax and all other federal taxes with a national consumption tax. The FairTax is levied only once, at the point of purchase on new goods and services. The simplicity of the FairTax frees Americans from our current overwhelming tax code and unshackles the U.S. economy.

The FairTax:

* Abolishes the IRS
* Closes all tax loopholes and brings fairness to taxation
* Maintains current Soc. Sec. and Medicare benefits
* Brings transparency and accountability to tax policy
* Allows American products to compete fairly
* Reimburses the tax on purchases of basic necessities
* Enables retirees to keep their entire pension
* Enables workers to keep their entire paycheck
Neal: "Hey John, how much do you make?"
John: "About $3000 a month."
Neal: "How much do you make before taxes?"
John: "I have no idea, but I'd like to get it all."
Neal: "If the FairTax bill passes you can keep your whole paycheck and choose what you want to give to the goverment."
John: "That's awesome!"

by J Whetz August 17, 2006
A trendy word beginning to appear in the blogoshpere, especially left wing sites, used to describe political fundraising and campaigning via the internet.
Senate hopeful from Ohio Paul Hackett's netroots effort in the special election was put together by Tim Tagaris.

"Netroots is an awesome description of my political movement, I can't wait until that word becomes as cliché, overused, and meaningless as grassroots"
by J Whetz February 14, 2006
A conjugation of the words neck and shoulders. Used to describe a person who has done so many shrugs in the weight room that his neck is indistinguishable from his shoulders. Similar in concept to cankles, however, more often associated with guys who work out too much versus over weight women.
"Hey buddy, take it easy on the shrugs or you'll get a mean set of nolders."

Bryan: "What the hell is wrong with that guy?"
Jamie: "He did too many shrugs and developed a nice set of nolders."
Bryan: "How the hell does he drive, or breathe for that matter?"
Jamie: "I don't know."
Bryan: "God help him."
by J Whetz April 21, 2006
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