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A brown stain found on the back of someone's underwear.
I need to reduce my carbon buttprint.

You can start by doing a better job wiping your ass.
by J Scotts January 16, 2009
Acronym that translates to public full body massage. Different than a casual hug, this is a hug that involves a lot of body contact, generally including grabbing, patting, rubbing. Often unexpected,not appreciated or not appropriate for the situation.
I ran in to your sister yesterday at the mall, and when we were going to leave she gave me a PFBM. Just thought you would want to know.
by J Scotts December 07, 2008
A pompous ass who is so full of himself that he doesn't even realize he is insignificant and powerless
J: Our fearless leader was at happy hour again last night telling everyone on the team what to do, and drooling over every waitress in short orange shorts and big boobs.
T: He is such a shrimpy. He still doesn't realize that he is Big Al's bitch.
by J Scotts December 20, 2008
When you leave happy hour, thinking you are in good shape, but the combination of drinking, and exposure to the cold air outside creates a sudden, intense urge to pee.
I left happy hour last night and it's only two blocks to my house but I got hit with the winter happy hour effect.
Did you make it home in time ?
Eventually got there, but I think the sidewalk in front of Andy's Market is going to be icy this morning.
by J Scotts January 15, 2009
Shouted out by spectators at the next golf event when Tiger tees off. Replaces the classic exclamation, "It's in the hole!"
Gallery is silent until the tee shot is taken.
"It's in the ho!"
by J Scotts December 03, 2009
When a guy goes to get a hair cut and has his eyebrows trimmed to a reasonable length.
Hey your hair cut looks good !
Thanks, Katie does an awesome job and she always give me a great brow job.
by J Scotts December 08, 2009

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