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verb (pronounced "kick dough"); To knock down a door with your foot, often done in a raging revenge; otherwise done to instigate something with someone.
If you piss me off I might have to pull a kick do'.
by J Money For Three June 05, 2006
a.k.a. DC...only the hottest crew under the sun, where all the real homies roll. They have started numerous trends and fashions. Chances are if you're doing something, it originated from DC. They have their own line of superhero action figures, have appeared on TRL's music video countdown, and own the most n00bz on the planet. Give it up for them or fear some kind of horrible consequence.
Yo, dem boyz from dcrew stole my PB&J sandwich!

Hey, if dcrew made a commercial, do you think Chuck Norris would be in it?

Uncool Nerd: Hey, can I join DC?
Rest of America (and the world): No.
by J Money For Three July 06, 2006
pronounced SOO(as in "soon")-GEE(as in "geese"); used to describe someone or something who is very pretty, and knows it too.
Damn, that girl is sugi!

Did you see that sugi dunk by Dwyane Wade?

I wish all these Christmas lights were so sugi!
by J Money for Three June 28, 2006
noun; pronounced "uh-fen-duh" and therefore no article is needed before it; used to describe someone who hates or passionately dislikes something, the only reason being simply to hate the thing being hated.
Stop being offender and just let it go, bro.
by J Money For Three June 05, 2006
noun; pronounced like the letter "D" but in a low growl; only can be said after the phrase "nah, dude." Was originally done to clear the throat, but has since become a common usage of vocabulary.
Hey you want some pasta? Nah dude, deee!
by J Money For Three June 05, 2006
This can be used as both a noun or as a verb; as a noun, it's a laugh so evil that it casts a spell (and a pretty good one, far as I can tell).

As a verb, it is the act of laughing so hard that some sort of magic flies out from your mouth, nose, fingertips, etc.
"If you don't stop showing me "Man Getting Hit by Football" I might have to give a loldemort!"

He loldemorted so hard he left a charred spot of ashes where the corner grocery store used to be.
by J Money For Three March 12, 2010

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