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1. a painting by the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci; perhaps the most well-known painting in the history of art

2. a girl whose emotions are absolutely unreadable. These girls are the hardest types to understand.
Many painters adore the Mona Lisa, da Vinci's greatest work.

My girlfriend is such a Mona Lisa. I can't ever tell whether she wants to shoot me or do me.
by J Filthy Money June 09, 2010
person who, in the case that everyone (including them) in the group is wasted to the point that they can't drive, has to drive everybody home, even though they're also wasted. Usually can drive really well when drunk. From "The Hangover"
Phil: Come on, just to Barstow! Everyone's passing us!
Doug: No, I promised I would be the only one driving. And besides, you're drinking.
Phil: Oh what are you now, a cop? You know I drive great when I'm drunk!
Stu: That's very true. If you'll remember, Phil was our designated drunk driver in college.
by J Filthy Money June 14, 2010
Relatively new country music singer who sounds like the second coming of George Strait (one of the most famous and successful country musicians ever).
Guy #1: Hey, this is that new George Strait song, "Roll With It."

Guy #2: That's Easton Corbin, not George Strait, you doofus.
by J Filthy Money June 14, 2010
the area just behind two or more people who are taking a picture together. If you are standing in that general area, you're creeping, whether you realize it or not.
by J Filthy Money November 02, 2010

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