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The act of getting Mgocked. To be dissed but the diss is very true. To be truthfully slandered.
girl: maybe if she wasn't a slut
boy: Honestly she just sleeps around

slut: ...rude
boy2: bitch you just got mgot.
by J Diane Riley December 10, 2006
"Did I ask?". Usually said when someone says "No" after you tell them to do something.
(e.g. "Let's go swimming" "No Thanks" "Did I ask?")
by J Diane Riley December 04, 2006
English word meaning; rude but very true. To be slightly disrespectful, though not lying. (Adjective)
Joy's words are very Mgock.
by J Diane Riley December 04, 2006
"Hett", a rude word for straight person. Fag is to homosexual as Hett is used to Heterosexual. When used on a gay person it's saying they have bad taste or they're being stupid.

"Like my hat?"
"It's ugly you hett."
by J Diane Riley December 04, 2006
"..." also known as "dot" and back in 2004-2005 it was just pushing space and enter. Used to show rudeness and silence. Usually said after someone says something stupid.

"lol so i like umm hate you lol isn't that funny lolx"
by J Diane Riley December 04, 2006

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