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To flexed all of the muscles in ur body at the same time.
1. Dude, my girlfriend walked by this guy and as soon as he saw he flexed-out.

2. Whenever I see a hot girl I get flexed-out to look buffer.
by J I Z Z L E March 10, 2009
To masturbate and allow the sperm to stream down ur dick, leaving it until it dries then fucking a girl.
Dude, I was wanking hard last night until my girlfriend called me and said she wanted me to come over. At first I was a little pissed, but then I decide to just give her a crusty willie.
by J I Z Z L E March 16, 2009
Originated from Jacob (Jizzle) of SMS in Southern California on a spontaneous moment. To own beyond belief. Amount of ownage may be measured in hardness with harder than fuck being the most amount of bonage. Also, one who bones can be reffered to as a Boner.
Dude, I freaking boned last night.

I am the greatest boner of all time.

I bone everyone at half-court shots.
by J i z z l e March 02, 2009

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