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From "apocalypse" + "apathy". The feeling of stressed out resignation when faced with the impending collapse of life on planet earth. It would require drastically different social conditions/norms/institutions to resolve the problem than the ones currently on hand. You know collapse is coming and can't do anything about it without some really hard work - which you don't really want to attempt to do because you feel it's futile anyway.
I just read that global warming will cause earth to become uninhabitable by most bacteria within our lifetime. I can really feel the apocalapathy setting in.
by J'swhey July 06, 2014
Sometimes shortened to Fallonize. To modify a recipe or prepare a dish in accordance with the principles outlined in "the Bible", ie, Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions (New Trends 2001). Most often it is applied to the soaking of grain and other seed products in yogurt or another cultured milk product overnight to achieve sour leavening or simply to reduce phytates. However, a wide range of modifications could be considered Fallonization.
Mary: Wow, these pierogi are so tasty. What is it about them?
Tom: I Sally Fallonized my baboushka's old recipe!

Alfonso: This carrot cake is so moist and delicious!
Alice: Mindy Sally Fallonized that shit!
by J'swhey February 03, 2013

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