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A self-absorbed, emersed in emotional turmoil but creative somewhat enlighten indivisual. He was a visionary in his field and could of accomplish great things if he would of use his life for self-accutlization instead of realizeing nobody could ever understand him or love him for who he really was. Admired for being original and innovative and a true maverick revolutionlizing rock as we know it but hated by judgemental racist conservatives who just misunderstood him. Also for those nutjobs who keep saying he dident kill himself but was murdered is like those people who say tupac is still alive which I belive he is. I know Kurt Cobain killed himself because we have the same personality traits INFj with a 4w5 and I want to kill myself all the time
Paul: Kurt Cobain was legend to bad he was murdered

Jon: Your to shallow and narrow minded to see Kurts true pain and why he killed himself

Paul: huh

Jon: you stupid nutjob. Terms you understand owwww cry cry boom.

Paul: Why Kurt!!! Why
by Iwillteachyou April 12, 2006

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