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A person who displays and invokes a sense of confidence and ability to handle ones self or problem. Comes across as very humble, nonjudgmental and quiet - yet very concise and logical when they do respond. Responses typically include a well placed question or short remark that when answered or acknowledged can solve or diffuse a problem. Sometimes a response, although limited, is meant to drive a conversation further so as to allow the person to solve or diffuse the problem themselves. Often confused with being cocky, arrogant, disinterested or a know-it-all. Those who think so are traditionally quick to discover, however, that this is not (quite) the case and experience an "a-ha" moment when their thoughts and reality later intertwine.
"That guy is totally Robinson!"


P1: How should I handle this idiot?

P2: I'd give you my 2 cents, but I think you should ask Robinson.


P2: Robinson, can I ask you what you think of something?

Robinson: Hey.

P2: Umm… ( Goes on with some long explanation)

Robinson: (Butts in) That's not how you should go about doing that!

P2: ( Has a long defensive explanation why they should )

Robinson: ( Stares intently into the distance but says nothing )

P2: ( Continues talking... )

Robinson: ( Finally speaks up and says ) Yeah… You shouldn't do that. You are just causing problems for yourself. Total waste of time and energy.

P2: What!? Excuse me?! This idiot is causing the problems!

Robinson: Well - I don't really care about "this idiot". Why do you care about "this idiot"?

P2: Because (blah blah blah blah)

Robinson: I still don't care and based on what you just said you shouldn't either.

P2: Yeah, ok ( in their head they think "Whatever" )


P2: ( Talks a few minutes later to P1) I talked to Robinson.

P1: And…

P2: He doesn't care - he just sat there all quiet for 20 minutes and basically said nothing.

P1: What did he say?

P2: He said I basically shouldn't care about this and that he doesn't care about "this idiot" either!

P1: Really? He said he was an idiot?

P2: Yeah.

P1: So forget about it then - you're just wasting your time on this fool.

P2: OMG! That's exactly what he said! Ah! That makes so much sense now!

P1: Ha!
by IveBeenRobinsoned February 25, 2013

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