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A brief exclamation of assurance. Sometimes can also be used as an acknowledgment or greeting.
Q: "Do you have everything that you needed to be able to finish the job?"

A: "Martin!"
by Its_a_McFlurry August 09, 2007
A strict exercise activity designed only for the most serious of athletes. This physical activity is where the subject gets on their hands and feet and arches their back as high as they can. Once their back is arched they move in a powerful thrusting motion forward with their head up. The subjects legs and arms resemble that of a bear crawling but are more extreme angles and are moving very fast.
Once you master the Martanian Bearcrawl, there is no physical activity that you cannot accomplish.
by Its_a_McFlurry August 09, 2007
A quick relief for the guy that has so many ladies he can only handle a couple at a time. No matter how many things are said, the only response needs to be "I'm Sorry" After this response by the individual, everything becomes alright, no matter how difficult the situation.
Q: Why were you out with those other girls? I thought we were together? What is your problem? Why can you not commit to this relationship? How many times is this going to happen? Don't you have anything to say for yourself?

A: I'm Sorry!
by Its_a_McFlurry August 09, 2007
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