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the only legend of this generation (britney spears + Blasphemy = Godney)
amy - "did you hear that song thats stormin the charts"
alejandro " is it a lady gaga track ? "
amy "gawd hell naw, its godney BITCH "
by ItsMWAHbitch July 14, 2010
the most talented dancer in the current music industry, well renowned for her sexy image and upbeat majorly successful pop songs.

britney spears is the shit, no other performer even comes close.

alot of people associate her with her 2007 breakdown, baldness and her mistake of wearing no underwear, there's a common misconception out there which makes her appear false, when in fact she's probably the most down to earth real popstar in the industry, her life has been lived out in the media who love to make materialised stories of her which are totally untrue, people seriously need to wake up and stop believing what they read...

i feel sorry for britney in the sense she doesnt have any privacy whatsoever, everyone has there moments where they make mistakes, but hers are always published... this is partly why i have 100% respect for her.

come the end of 2010... search urban dictionary for "Legendey"
by ItsMWAHbitch July 14, 2010

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